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2020 jjRobots Customers Review

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The average rating of jjRobots based on 14.000 surveys

From time to time, we create an internal report with the data collected from our customers and colleagues. We study the results, and reinforce the points where we are not as good as we should be.

This time we had about 14.000 responses to our “How are we doing?” survey. The one we sent to our customers 15 days after shipping their orders.

Internet is an extremely vast ocean, and jjRobots is small boat in the middle of the Atlantic. The OPEN SOURCE projects are there. Actually everywhere, but is sometimes complicated to find a fully “finished” project with “tested” or interesting contributions. That means, we need your feedback. It is very important. Many of you have had excellent ideas about how to improve, modify or adapt the projects, and we are… willing to make them real.

Coming back to the jjRobots rating: The average is good (very good: 8.6 out of 10)

Many of you have been asking for more projects and info: Ok, noted.

We are working on it. Really. From January 2020 we have with us Jonathan, a superb maker and programmer. The pyBot control APP written in Python is all his job (plus all the iOS control APP). Many of his ideas have been implemented (and more will be).

We have invested in support department and logistics, and we expect (!) to open a new office abroad.

We are trying (so hard) to reduce the shipping costs but that is becoming a lost battle. Many of our Kits are over 1Kg and as we are based in Europe and USA, we can not compete with Asian giant companies shipping costs (nor Amazon/ eBay).

Basically, everything is going good here. The staff is happy and pro-active and the community healthy and growing ;-D

If you have any comment, please email us at: info@jjrobots.com

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