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Air Hockey Robot EVO review (from tweakers.net)

Tweakers.net got an Air Hockey Robot KIT time ago, and they just published a post about the kit.

For non-Dutch fluent speakers ūüėÄ you can overlay youtube¬īs translated captions to the video from the options menu (quite handy, I have to say). Basically, tweakers.net assembled the Air Hockey Robot EVO and reviewed it. It is a cool video.

In occasions like this, is when you realize that you are missing a lot of cool MAKE and Gadgets sites (like this site, Tweakers.net ) due to language limitations.

They are using the old Brain shield to control the Air hockey robot. Currently, we strongly recommend using the new DEVIA control board to do the job. It is way more powerful and with many useful extras (And you can create the PyBot Robotic Arm with it)