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B-robot EVO 2 in the MAKE: magazine (Deutsch issue)

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We are declared fans the MAKE: magazine since its very beginning. The quality of their issues and attention to details explaining projects make them affordable to everyone interested in the MAKER World / Robotics + Electronics

MAKE magazine: details in their post, how to assembly everything. Cool photos and tips

The review of the B-robot EVO 2 (quite complete) can be found here. For our Deutsch visitors, it will be easy to read 🙂 For any other, not so fluent in with German language, there will be an English version too in the MAKE: magazine international soon. We will try to link it as soon as we see it.

I have to recognize that I like their photos.

This is not the first time MAKE: publishes one of our robots, the Air hockey project was hit two years ago when we released it, MAKE: included the “I will beat your ass playing hockey Robot” kit analysis in the printed magazine and online version.

This new post is basically a thorough review of the B-robot EVO KIT explaining how to assemble it, control it and thought about this self-balancing robot, highlighting its versatility, speed, manoeuvrability and stability.

The B-robot GOOGLE BLOCKLY ´s control screen capture from MAKE magazine

It is a pity we can not publish the full article here but, at least, we can list some quotes from it:


The exciting
moment came
: tilt robot to one side, turn on the
switch on the battery cover and wait briefly – as a
sign that he has finished booting, it waves three
times the arm. A second later he was standing on
the floor of the lab – immediately. The
robot rocked back and forth, to keep the balance. This was very impressive

The B-robot EVO 2 in also full speed moves smoothly
into the curve, if you practice something with the
remote control you can drive it easily
Peter König
MAKE: magazine