The blimpduino control APP (Android) (iOS -working on it-) is pretty simple but effective. There are two main sliders (see below), the heading and the forward/backwards controls. Big enough to allow you to keep your eyes on the blimp will you control it.

The altitude is controlled via two buttons. If you keep them pushed the blimp will ascend or descent as long as you keep pressing.

NOTE: To control the blimpduino from your smartphone you will need first to connect your device to its WIFI network (JJROBOTS_XX)

Assisted navigation:

The blimpduino has two elements onboard that will help you to fly the balloons easily (even if it has a peculiar shape and/or sizes): the MPU and the LIDAR sensor. The MPU will know, in real time,  the orientation/heading of the blimp and the accelerations suffered during the navigation maneuvers and will try to smooth them (filtering sudden accelerations). Moreover, the MPU will help the blimp to keeps its heading all the time unless you decide to change it via the control APP. The LIDAR will measure the distance from the bottom of the control board to any object below it. The pilot (you) will decide the altitude to hold by the blimp just using the ALTITUDE control buttons on the bottom-right of the smartphone screen.

To active both (or any) of these features, just tap on the buttons on the bottom side of the screen. A narrow red line will appear under the buttons when the feature is activated.

The motors will not spin until you tap on any slider of the control app screen. If you want to stop the motors at any time, just exit the APP.

ALT ON : The blimp will keep the altitude according to the command sent by the pilot. If you fly the blimp over an object, the LIDAR sensor will detect it and will lift the balloon accordingly to the altitude set= the distance from the bottom/floor to the blimp

YAW ON : The blimp will try to keep the heading no matter the external disturbance. You will only be able to change its heading using the control APP


Above: Altitude hold ACTIVATED

Above: ALTITUDE ON. The LIDAR detecting an object and trying to move the gondola away from it

Heading HOLD (Yaw assistance) ACTIVATED[space size="10px"]

Above: YAW ON. The blimp comes back to the original orientation after suffering external disturbance