Some very cool MODs of the B-robot EVO 2


From time to time, we see cool modifications and add-ons for the B-robot EVO 2: custom arms, new uses for a second servo output, new Arduino codes…etc. These two, listed below, add something new to the B-robot “World”: Led eyes! … Read More

B-robot EVO 2 in the MAKE: magazine (Deutsch issue)


We are declared fans the MAKE: magazine since its very beginning. The quality of their issues and attention to details explaining projects make them affordable to everyone interested in the MAKER World / Robotics + Electronics The review of the … Read More

The B-robot EVO goes OFF-ROAD


off road small

Aaaand the B-robot EVO off-road version is here.

It has been easy to modify the original B-robot EVO adding new Off-road wheels (regular 83 mm diameter RC buggy wheels, quite easy to get and inexpensive). If you already have a B-robot, just modified the parameters indicated below in its code or upload this slightly modified CODE version to the Arduino:  BROBOT OFFROAD 

brobot OFFROAD v4

Portable remotely controlled LASER POINTER

[caption id="attachment_2182" align="aligncenter" width="469"]The laser pointer The laser pointer…pointing[/caption]

Well, this is a side project. Using the same B-robot electronic Brain SHIELD and two servos you can remotely control (via Smartphone´s WIFI) a laser pointer and play with it from far away (maximum range up to 50-60 meters). It is portable if you use a small 7-9 volts battery (Lipo/Alkaline/…).

Drive your neighbour´s cat crazy from a distance by placing the robot on the roof!.

More info here!

iBoardBot. The internet controlled drawing robot

[caption id="attachment_2542" align="aligncenter" width="300"][/caption]

An internet controlled robot capable of writing+drawing (and wiping!) on a glass surface.

The iBoardbot is a robot connected to the internet capable of writing texts and drawing with great precision. Also, it can erase in a quick and effective way.


Send to your iBoardbot your information from any part of the world. As it has a multi-user interface you can also play and challenge your kids, use it as a collaborative notice board or as a twitter wall in your shop window. Have fun and enjoy learning how to assemble your iBoardbot!


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