New KIT: B-robot EVO


We have received some emails asking for this KIT:

A set that includes EVERYTHING. So, during the nights, we have been working hard in the dungeon finding the best possible stepper motors, servos, buttons… and creating and stocking this new KIT.

Everything is included, previously thoroughly tested so you only need to assemble it. 

Take a look at the video and watch how it behaves now!:                                                       [kad_youtube url="" width="600" maxwidth="600"]


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Portable remotely controlled LASER POINTER

[caption id="attachment_2182" align="aligncenter" width="469"]The laser pointer The laser pointer…pointing[/caption]

Well, this is a side project. Using the same B-robot electronic Brain SHIELD and two servos you can remotely control (via Smartphone´s WIFI) a laser pointer and play with it from far away (maximum range up to 50-60 meters). It is portable if you use a small 7-9 volts battery (Lipo/Alkaline/…).

Drive your neighbour´s cat crazy from a distance by placing the robot on the roof!.

More info here!

the ESP12-E Wifi Module has come….


and will stay…forever!

This revolutionary (and not costly) new WIFI module offers a lot of features.

So, we have decided to embed it in our robot Brains.

The result: 

lower prices and increased capabilities.

Now, for example, the New B-Robot Electronic Brain comes with the WIFI module already integrated, for much less money!


Have a look to the SHOP!

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Opening the Academy!


jjrobots ACADEMY



We proudly present… The Academy!


Free entry to information about the basic “bricks” used in robotics.

Examples and videos (thanks youtube!) about where and how this knowledge is applied everywhere.












Plot Clock: jjrobots version

plot clock jjrobots
We have been adapting the very popular Plot clock (from Johannes and with contributions from Kjetil Egeland) to the current jjRobots electronics (Brain Shield). The idea is to connect this new version of the Plot clock to internet allowing it to read the time from any internet clock (google/microsoft/nasa…any with a ntp service) and other info (local weather forecast, temperature…etc)…
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