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jjRobots annual SURVEY results (thanks!)

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I thought this could be interesting for you. The results of the annual review of jjRobots. First, I would like to thank you for spending your time answering this survey. And second…

and on behalf of the entire JJrobots team; Thank you. This survey, beside providing very useful info, indicates that you are happy/very happy (see details below) with your jjRobot. That encourages us to keep working on this.

We got 226 responses to our survey email, way more than we expected (you know…”What is this? an email with a survey? when I am about to watch Daredevil/ walk my dog/ blow up my last robot/etc etc ?!? nah…”)


So, without further delay, we are posting here the answer bar graphs of this survey (and some comments below):


Well, this is quite heartwarming.

The 77% of you are very satisfied with your jjRobot. 96% Very/Somewhat satisfied.  I already said it, but here it goes again: thanks!.  Jose (co-founder) has been crying an hour or so hugging his teddy-bear after seeing this graph. 

On the other hand: There is a 2.6% neither happy nor unhappy (mix). We will keep working on that number. Promise.


The 72% of you think the product belongs to the High or Very High quality slot. 0.4% would place the product into the Low quality window.

15% of you think the quality is average. We will think about how to improve this last value: moulded plastic parts? More powerful but affordable electronics? Feel free to give us ideas.


We are happy to see that unique is the most predominant answer to this question (followed by High quality) . We have to face a reality: we can not compete against any electronic “robot/ toys” big manufacturer. Their prices are extremely low, so we have to make our robots unique (and keep them OPEN SOURCE). One survey considered our products were overpriced (black arrow pointing at it): I can only say: we can not reduce the cost of them. Honestly. Manufacturing electronics and ·D printing in Europe is comparatively expensive (and we do not ponder move it to Asia).


We thought Google Adwords would be important for jjRobots (or any other online web). Well, we have found that we were wrong.

In the vast ocean of internet, you found us just browsing (or saw one of our robots somewhere!). I have to say that we never spent a big amount of $$ on ads, but even so, the poor performance of the Google Ads will be deeply analysed.

Well, that was all! We did not include in this post all the answers to all the question (less relevant) but if you want to know more, as always, just email us!

thank you