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New project (FINISHED)

We always though that a powerful, reliable, precise and fast laser pointer would be a cool gadget to have. And when I say “laser”, I mean any object you may want to attach to X-Y mount (nerf gun? Torch? Camera? webcam?…)

The premise: use common NEMA17 motors and a 3D printed frame. Make it easy to be remotely or local controlled (via Wi-Fi or USB). Reduce backlash as much as possible.

The critical point: We need a very good planetary gearbox to make it precise.

Designing the gearbox has been a very time-consuming and demanded everything we had as mechanical designers, but we think we got it. The most important thing: it can be printed using a 0.4mm nozzle (the most common and default nozzle for 99% of the 3D printers)

Above: the gearbox “case” still with the support and some burr. Printed with a 0.4mm nozzle

If you got the DEVIA control board and two motors, you already have what you need to create it (+ of course, a 3D printer). We are still working on the control APP + computer software. As usual, everything will be OPEN SOURCE and Python/ Arduino language written.

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