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The original Camera Slider kit became quite popular since the very beginning. It was easy to set up, used regular NEMA17 stepper motors and it was reliable. But lacked of some important features: I was heavy, bulky and not as quiet as it should if you were filming recording audio.

The New Camera Slider KIT (v2,0)

Keeping that in mind, we have redesigned it from scratch. We have reduced it weight by 70%. Now it is completely silent and can be easily attached to a tripod. And more important than any other thing when we are talking a camera slider: its smoothness has been drastically improved (thanks to the new TMC2208 Stepper motor drivers and the wheel bearings -The same used by most of the current 3D printers-)

This new version still uses the same electronics and motors but now includes the powerful TMC2208 drivers and is mounted on an aluminium rail. Its volume has been reduced by a 40%.

  • Check the project page here
  • Link to the custom Kit, here