For the iOS users (apple) there is an option to remotely control the B-robot EVO: The Touch OSC app (here).  This APP uses the same type of commands the official jjRobots APP sends (Android) to the B-robot. The OSCTouch is extremely versatile so you can modify or create your own control layout.

As we wanted B-ROBOT to be controlled by the user from almost any existing device, but we not wanted to develop a lot of  different interfaces for different systems (Android, IOS, PC-windows…). Moreover, we decided to use existing (and powerful) protocols to control “things” and we found (some years ago) a protocol called OSC (Open Sound Control, more info here) used to control musical instruments like synthesizers. Very visual and powerful (we can display  volume control, equalizers, lights…and create our own).

To remotely control the B-robot, we can use OSC protocol over an Internet connection (Wifi module) using UDP packets. This is a lightweight and efficient way to send commands to our Robots.

Steps to follow:

  1. Download , install and configure (info below) the TouchOSC app 
  2. Download the B-robot control layout (from here or here)
  3. Install the new layout into your smartphone. iOS user: help here and here. Android user: help here (how to install a layout) and set it as the default layout
  4. After turning the Brobot EVO ON, connect your smartphone/iPhone/tablet to the B-robot EVO´s wifi network (remember, the WIFI´s password is 87654321)
  5. Control and play with your B-robot EVO!


Setting up the TouchOSC software:

Set TouchOSC´s parameters like this:


Tap on OSC submenu…

Populate the fields with these parameters


B-robot controls description (OSC touch layout):

OSC touch LAYOUT (battery monitor)

Above: Screen capture of layout you can use to control the B-robot if you choose the TOUCH-OSC control APP

LINK: OSCTouch layout used to control B-robot / github repository

LINK: Cliff´s layout to control the B-robot  (Thanks Cliff for this contribution)



Alternative: iOS  B-robot control APP (thanks to Xuyen for this great contribution!)

ios tiny2

It is quite straightforward to use. Just connect your iPhone/iPad to the B-robot EVO´s wifi (use the password “87654321“) and launch the App.

(thanks to Xuyen for this great contribution!)