Air hockey robot EVO
Air hockey robot EVO
Air hockey robot EVO

The Air Hockey Robot EVO is finally here! A challenging robot, perfect to have fun and learn robotics at the same time

Controlled by your own smartphone using the free AIR HOCKEY ROBOT APP

This is a mostly 3D printable air hockey playing robot that, in addition to moving across the required two dimensions, can predict the movements of rebounding pucks and attack/defend in consequence.


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DEVIA Robotics control board FRONT
Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
Devia Robotics Control board v1.0

This is the Control board that will help you to create your Robotics Project without the hassle of integrating different modules. The DEVIA control board has been used to conceive all the jjRobot projects. We have opted to create a board with enough sensors/ports and outputs but keeping 100% Arduino compatibility.

This board has a powerful ARM M0 processor and will be recognized by the Arduino IDE as the Arduino ZERO with NATIVE USB PORT. Just plug and play! Designed in Europe and Assembled in Europe :-)



  • ARM Cortex M0 processor (ATSAMD21G18) (the same mounted on the powerful Arduino Zero)
  • ESP12 Wi-Fi module integrated (programmable via GPIO pads on the back of the board)
  • MPU ICM 20600 6 axis (High Performance 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer module)
  • AUX OUTPUT: Controllable Voltage regulator (up to 12V, 1A)
  • Vin Power Jack (the board accepts from 9 to 15V DC)
  • 3x stepper motors outputs
  • 4x servo outputs (up to 1.5A)
  • Customizable button “A” (can be used to change the behaviour of the robot, pause it, change internal parameters…)
  • Reset button
  • i2C port
  • SPI port (perfect to control RGB LED strips)
  • UART port
  • SENSOR port (Analog, Digital, Ground and +3.3V)
  • GPIO on the back of the board
  • Micro USB Port 
  • Arduino UNO footprint
  • 100% Arduino ZERO compatibility. Just connect the board to the computer, and the Arduino IDE will recognize it as the Arduino ZERO board -Native USB port-

* All the headers already soldered

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NEMA 17 Stepper motor (PACK OF 2/3) + CUSTOM CABLES
NEMA 17 Stepper motor (PACK OF 2/3) + CUSTOM CABLES
NEMA 17 Stepper motor (PACK OF 2/3) + CUSTOM CABLES

This is the NEMA17 stepper motor used in every jjRobots Project. You liked the motors which came with your kit and want another pack of two? Did you like its sturdiness / easy plug-in connector (forget to solder every time you have to change the cable length) ? This is the perfect stepper motor for MAKERs and Robots enthusiasts.

  • This NEMA17 stepper motor deliver up to +32% torque compared to same size regular NEMA17 motors (for the same current demand)
  • With less than 5% step accuracy deviation. 


Pick a custom length cable for each motor for free!


NEMA17 stepper motor Manufacturer Part Number MT-1703HS168A
Step Angle 1.8°
Step Accuracy <5%
Holding Torque 45 N·cm (
Rated Current/phase 1.68A
Phase Resistance 1.65ohms
Voltage 12-24  V
Inductance 3.6mH±20%(1KHz)
Weight 280g

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Remotely controlled torch / laser pointer
Remotely controlled torch / laser pointer
Remotely controlled torch / laser pointer

This is an OPEN SOURCE / 3D printed Torch/ Camera/ Laser pointer Kit. Arduino M0 based and created using common elements from the Makers/  3D printers World. Controlled by the DEVIA Robotics board and programmed in Python.

A very accurate and fast torch pointer. Can be controlled using an Xbox and / or PlayStation controller. Alternatively, you can adapt its Python written control code to follow any pre-planned movement (or do whatever you want with it).

Capable of spinning up to 360° in 1 seconds with a 0,1° precision. A laser/camera/flashlight can be mounted on it if required. Can be controlled via Wi-Fi from up to 60m away (direct view).

It uses two NEMA17 motors and timing belts to achieve that accuracy.  The construction is sturdy, and the base can be placed anywhere thanks to its “rubber feet”. Want to attach it to a tripod? Doable!

The kit comes with a harmless LED torch that projects the image of a mouse from a distance of up to 4 meters (optional)



  • Total height: 200 mm.
  • Nº of axis: 2 (altitude and azimuth)
  • Freedom of movement: -60° to +240° altitude, 0° to ±180° azimuth
  • Max rotational speed: 360°/second 
  • Total Weight: 920 grams
  • Repeatability (degrees): 0.1
  • Maximum Payload Capacity without the need of weight balancing (laser/torch):120 grams
  • Driving motors: 2x NEMA17 1.8° stepper motor
  • Can control a 12V up to 0.5A light/laser via software when connected to the AUX port on the DEVIA control board.
  • Firmware: Arduino code. Control software: Python. Both are freely available.
  • WI-FI controllable. Xbox controller compatible.


What you get with the KIT:

Some elements are optional as we wanted you to save money if you already have them. The 3D printed parts SET is optional too (stl files available here). You have three options for powering the KIT: a regular power supply, battery holder and/or the Car lighter plug 12V. The power supply is included with the KIT.

  • Torch laser pointer 3D printed parts SET (optional)
  • 2x NEMA 17 stepper motor (high torque) with cables (optional)
  • 12V/2A Power supply with 5.1mm Arduino power Jack (optional)
  • 12V 3m CAR lighter power cable with 5.1mm Arduino power Jack (optional)
  • 9V battery case, for 6xAA batteries (optional)
  • Mouse projector LED torch (optional): make it a cat laser pointer robot!
  • 2x 20 teeth GT2 pulley 
  • 2x Circular Ball bearing 6002RS
  • 3x rubber pads for the base’s legs.
  • 2x Timing belt 200 GT2
  • 1x Cable wrap 50 cm
  • DEVIA control Board
  • 2x Motor drivers A4988 + heat sinks
  • USB cable 1 m (micro USB connector)
  • Set of M3 BOLTS and NUTS  (6, 10, 15, 40 mm)
  • Camera nut (to attach the robot´s base to a tripod)

Optional elements:

Add everything you want to be included with your kit.

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The most AWESOME robotics KIT (STEM KIT)
The most AWESOME robotics KIT (STEM KIT)
The most AWESOME robotics KIT (STEM KIT)


 Create 5 very different OPEN-SOURCE robots using the same electronics and ancillary elements. Everything can be modified, Hacked and customized!

STEM educational robotics KIT:  In addition to being fun, the MOST AWESOME ROBOTICS STEM KIT engage beginners and advanced students and incorporate many of the fundamental STEM concepts providing a learning platform that everyone enjoys.

Fight battles with your remotely controlled B-robot, play with your torch from 50 meters away. Make the Pybot to pick-up objects, paint balls/eggs using your own pens or…create your new awesome robot from scratch!

Do you think you can improve or hack any of these robots? Do it! They are OPEN SOURCE robots, so all the info,know how and code is available for everyone. Share the knowledge! (and take a look at the JJrobots FORUM)

The robots you can create with this robotics KIT:

OPEN SOURCE camera tracking system

Python code controlled Robotic Arm

The fastest self-balancing robot (remotely controlled using your smartphone). Take a look at its skills!

The Sphere-O-Bot is a simple 2 axis drawing machine that can draw on most spherical surfaces. You can use it to decorate balls or eggs.

Laser/ Camera / Torch Wi-Fi remotely controlled pointer robot



NOTE: the 3D-printed parts are not included. You can get the STL files from Thingiverse and print them by yourself. The links are available in the respective robot assembly guides too. From the list below: select the correct power supply for the KIT and some optional items you may want to add to your KIT.

You already have NEMA17 motors?: No need to add them. Planning to use a longer rail for the camera slider? Save the cost of getting one from us.

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