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Devia Robotics Control board v1.0

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This is the Control board that will help you to create your Robotics Project without the hassle of integrating different modules. The DEVIA control board has been used to conceive all the jjRobot projects. We have opted to create a board with enough sensors/ports and outputs but keeping 100% Arduino compatibility.

This board has a powerful ARM M0 processor and will be recognized by the Arduino IDE as the Arduino ZERO with NATIVE USB PORT. Just plug and play! Designed in Europe and Assembled in Europe 🙂



  • ARM Cortex M0 processor (ATSAMD21G18) (the same mounted on the powerful Arduino Zero)
  • ESP12 Wi-Fi module integrated (programmable via GPIO pads on the back of the board)
  • MPU ICM 20600 6 axis (High Performance 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer module)
  • AUX OUTPUT: Controllable Voltage regulator (up to 12V, 1A)
  • Vin Power Jack (the board accepts from 9 to 15V DC)
  • 3x stepper motors outputs
  • 4x servo outputs (up to 1.5A)
  • Customizable button “A” (can be used to change the behaviour of the robot, pause it, change internal parameters…)
  • Reset button
  • i2C port
  • SPI port (perfect to control RGB LED strips)
  • UART port
  • SENSOR port (Analog, Digital, Ground and +3.3V)
  • GPIO on the back of the board
  • Micro USB Port 
  • Arduino UNO footprint
  • 100% Arduino ZERO compatibility. Just connect the board to the computer, and the Arduino IDE will recognize it as the Arduino ZERO board -Native USB port-

* All the headers already soldered

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DEVIA Control board features
General description of the board



DEVIA board pinout, with GPIO on the back of the board for easy access to the ESP8266 Wi-Fi module pads.


Electronic diagram of the board. Everything has been simplified but it helps to understand the different elements on the DEVIA

What you can control with the DEVIA board (some examples):

Up to 4 servos, 3 Stepper motor drivers, Any 12V activated element (electro-magnet, DC motor, vacuum pump, relay…), control a RGB LED strip via SPI port, use i2c sensors… the DEVIA board offers many possibilities. Everything can be controlled easier than with just an Arduino Zero

Useful links:

What can I do with this board?:

JJrobots´s DEVIA Robotics board (Enhanced Arduino Zero). Created to simplify the set up and integration of all the different devices involved in the jjrobots projects. The DEVIA is a powerful Arduino M0 board, capable of handling most of the common and widely available elements in the robotics World. Feel free to create your own robot making the most of the DEVIA. It is simple (as it is an Arduino) and you will be supported by the jjRobots community


OPEN robots you can create with this Robotic control board:

  • B-ROBOT EVO 2 is a remotely controlled self-balancing Arduino robot created with 3D printed parts. With only two wheels, B-ROBOT is able to maintain his balance all the time by using his internal sensors and driving the motors. You can control your Robot, making him moving or spinning,  by sending command through a Smartphone, Tablet or PC while he keeps the balance.
  • The iBoardbot is an internet controlled robot capable of writing+drawing (and wiping!) on a glass surface.
  • Sphere-O-Bot: The Sphere-O-bot is a friendly art robot that can draw on spherical or egg-shaped objects from the size of a ping pong ball to a large duck egg (4-9 cm).

  • Air Hockey Robot:challenging robotperfect to have fun and learn robotics at the same time
  • NEW! Pybot Robotic ARM: OPEN SOURCE, Python programmed Robotic ARM. With control APP freely available for iOS, Android and Computers. Remotely controlled and much more!

  • NEW! X-Y pointing Robot: Laser pointer is a remotely controlled Arduino robot created with 3D printed parts. It can control with accuracy and at high speeds any “pointing” element you want to attach to it: a torch, camera, a laser, nerf gun, a stick…


  • NEW! Star-Finder:  Use Stellarium as controlling software to pinpoint any celestial object. Fast and accurate.



NOTE: We have FULL ROBOT KITS ready to be sent to you in the SHOP. Save the hassle of getting all the components from different sources and support jjRobots buying a KIT


Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 1.5 cm


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Review for Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
Really cool board.

Nicely designed board. Great for the robot. I’m sure I’ll re-use it for some of my own designs. Good that I bought two 🙂

Review for Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
It does what it was intended for

The MO processor is powerful enough to handle almost any arduino code length and the AUX port (up to 1A and 12 volt) is quite useful to driver my WIFI controlled pump 😛

Review for Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
The quality Arduino board I was looking for

Not the regular Arduino Chinese shield. It is a well manufactured arduino with enhanced add-ons.

Review for Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
Nothing to add...

Just a very good Arduino ZERO clone. The only downside: you can scratch it with a metal header but not a real problem at all. That could happen to any PCB

Review for Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
P-E-R-F-E-C-T board for my needs

No more to add. I really need to control stepper motors remotely (WIFI) and the board was what I was looking for

Review for Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
Sturdy and reliable

The ARM cortex processor allows to use several timers at the same time. And that means a lot if you are controlling 3 motors and i2c devices

Review for Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
Fast shipping and very good support

I got the board withing 3 days. Everything fine

Review for Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
Used to control the pyBot Robotic arm

We printed the 3D parts and created the pyBot Robotic Arm (I have to say that we had to re-print 2 pieces to reduce tolerance) Everything worked like a charm. No problems at all. 5 stars. GREAT ROBOT and ELECTRONICS!

Review for Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
Robust electronics board

A perfect replacement for my B-robot EVO Brain shield + Leonardo board (+ more ports and comms!)

Review for Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
This is what I was looking for

Well, lets start from the beginning. I am tired of the Arduino shield and lack of documentation. I have a bunch of Arduinos UNO + CNC shield + WIFI modules poorly wired / connected. Most of the shields come with soldering issues (from China, of course). This board displays quality in every single header. Gold plated board, sturdy smd headers… and reliable. I am controlling 3 motors in my CNC machine with this DEVIA board (and controlled via WIFI) and it works like a charm. 5 stars!

Review for Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
Cheaper than an Arduino ZERO but with everything I needed

I do not know why Arduino still relies on shields. This DEVIA board has the stepper motor control outputs perfect for my project (+the option to replicate the CAMERA SLIDER from jjRobots). 5 stars

Review for Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
It is solid as rock

I have been purchasing jjRobots electronics since the first project. All I have to say is that this board is a VERY GOOD step forward from the Brain shield. It has everything I need to create my own CNC machine: 3 stepper motor control ports and I will use 2 servos to lift an actuator. I have not assembled the CNC yet but everything is working perfectly. 5 stars out of 5

Review for Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
I do not know why there are not more boards like this in the market

Well, the design is simple yet powerful. I have been using the MPU sensor onboard as an external sensor for my robotic project. Every time I hit the robot (gently!) it stops. The stepper motor outputs (3 better than 2!) make the difference

Review for Devia Robotics Control board v1.0
Review of B-Robot electronic brain shield v3.0 (COMPLETE VERSION)

Thank you for this. Everything perfect *****

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