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Some very cool MODs of the B-robot EVO 2

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From time to time, we see cool modifications and add-ons for the B-robot EVO 2: custom arms, new uses for a second servo output, new Arduino codes…etc. These two, listed below, add something new to the B-robot “World”:

  1. Led eyes!
  2. An alternative controller to move the B-robot

Thank you Kai and Radla for this, we really love both mods, we have been playing with the “enhanced” b-robots a lot in the office. (The Led eyes in the dark makes the B-robot scary! And the remote joystick makes the control of the B-robot way easier for kids)

Led eyes (Created by Kai):

Using two MAX7219 modules, Kai have added two led matrixes to the front bumper of the B-robot. The eyes look to the sides when the B-robot turns adding a friendly face to the robot.

More info about this MOD, here

Github code: https://github.com/labomat/BROBOT_EVO2_24_M0

Remote control using an Arduino Joystick (by Radla)

Radla, used an ESP32+MPU6050 modules to send the control commands to the B-robot EVO. Looks simple but fun. Now, just tilting or rotating the DIY “joystick” you can command the B-robot remotely

More info here