First, the EMPTY template. This template represents the whole egg´s surface you can draw on with the Sphere-o-bot. Use it to create your own designs. Click here to download it (.svg file)

Some designs for the Sphere-o-bot (SVG format), just download them right clicking on them and SAVE IMAGE AS…



urround filled alternating2

Open Plaid FlowerVine4 urround filled alternating34
hilbert curvepeano gosper3swirlegg3starwars imperial2StarsVine-2

Angry Birds2warning2pattern 800

Feel free to send us your design to We will add it to this repository 😉

Attributions:  SnoBahr, hilbert, dnewman, linuxwrangler, jjrobots, Lenore, Kellbot, R0b0Genius, Official Eggbot webpage
Angry Birds4warning5pattern-8004panther paw