We are electronic hobbyists who really wanted to share the ideas

and knowledge with everyone who loves DIY robotics.

Jose´s talking about robots to the new generations 🙂 2019


I met Jose Julio and Juan Pedro in my student days. I must admit that from the first moment his enthusiasm for robotics was contagious and I was very impressed by his work. Later I specialized in robotics and artificial vision, I suspect that they had something to do with this, and I am very happy about it. Now I’m still playing with robots thanks to jjrobots.

I’m Natán, a computer engineer and I only like one thing more than a robot, two robots.

Natán (the one on the right) 😀


My work experience it’s been in admin and that means you should be very resourceful and to know about different fields (this depends on where you work). In jjRobots I’ve found a place where you can learn and practice a lot of different skills, from logistics to social media and be involved in a completely new world to me, robotics!
I have to say that every day is different and makes my job exciting!!


Juan Pedro:

I am the guy in charge of… feeding Jose and Natán in exchange of robots / ideas and pushing them to their limits :-D. Propose an idea and Jose will tell you if it is possible, and if so, we can help you to create it. I have to admit their are brilliant and can mix different skills (computing, electronics and robotics) as easily as I make coffee. Natán has joined us the last year and he is helping jjRobots with his iOS and computing skills to expand the robotic Universe. As brilliant as Jose but way better musician. Natán is behind most of the new jjRobots projects.

Sometimes, I am able to create some projects too (I do really like drones and DIY robotics). You will gradually see how these projects appear in the webpage.

Juan Pedro´s Linkedin

Juan Pedro´s pet, “Toy”, hearing Juan Pedro talking about a new improvement in one of the projects

Jose Julio:

Juan Pedro is an excellent engineer with a lot of experience in DIY projects. Without him, JJROBOTS would not be possible. We started thinking about this project by 2015 (with a sandwich in our hands) and with a lot of excitement to create a place to share science and robotic projects. Fun projects with learning documentation is our target.

Some drones and Jose Julio (the human guy who thinks they will obey him) among them
I am Jose Julio (@jjdrones), computer engineering and DIY enthusiast since... (since I remember). I have a blog where I have been publishing many projects . I was also working as a developer on DIYDrones on the Arducopter project. All of these projects are Open but many people write to me saying that it's not easy to replicate them. JJROBOTS was born to make this projects accessible to everyone.